Sarah, Lily aged 5 months - rocking to sleep and unable to remain alsleep when placed in cot.

We just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for us and Lily. The change in her sleeping is incredible. You have given us our lives back! I can enjoy my babies again, spend time with Ben and may actually be able to go out for an evening!

I still cannot believe her settling herself to sleep, sleeping so long and how quickly she took to it. Amazing, thank you!

Bryony, Nat aged 16 months - Cosleeping and dummy dependance.

Thank you so much for all your help with Nat (and us - I actually think that we needed the re-training, not him!). He slept through last night (until Ned woke up at 6 crying because his nappy had leaked and woke him up!) and went to sleep like a dream this evening. Paul has transferred payment and described it as "money well spent", which is a very, very rare compliment!

Kate, Darcey aged 15 weeks - undianosed reflux and extended night waking

To have your reassurance that blips will occur, and that I can seek continued advice for a small fee has made such a difference to my confidence as a mummy, Thanks for your amazing support.

Ulli, baby Annabel 8 weeks - struggling to settle to sleep during the day other than on mommies chest or in the pram moving).

Annabel was 8 weeks old when I hit a rock and was introduced to Hannah by a loving and caring friend and I could not have wished for anyone better.

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Lee, baby Luke 8 months - repeated night waking and feeding to sleep.
Neve 3 years - co-sleeping and repeated night waking

I knew it was fate when I got chatting to Hannah at the gym and found out she was a sleep trainer. I was at my wits end with waking up every 2 or 3 hours with my 8 month old baby, feeding him up to 3 times a night and having an early start to the day.

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Asha, baby Kai aged 4 months - holding to sleep and day nap issues.

It has been brilliant working with Hannah! My 4 month old boy wouldn't go to sleep by himself in his cot and I had to hold him for naps and sleeps.

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Katie, baby Julian aged 10 months - repeated night waking and Colic.

Hannah's warmth and compassion and evident love of babies are invaluable qualities while she works with you. She is confident calm and clear. Invaluable when you are desperately sleep deprived.

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Lindsay, baby Charlotte aged 4 months - repeated night waking and day sleep issues.

When Charlotte was about three months old, we thought we’d hit the sleep jackpot, she’d go down at 7:30pm and sleep till at least 7:30 the next morning, with only one wake up for a feed, but then she hit four months and boy did things change.

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Ella aged 15 months, waking up several times a night.

Hannah came to see us when we were at our wits end. Ella would wake up on average 4 to 5 times a night. We had tried everything.

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Louise, Logan aged 12 months - repeated night waking, dummy and feeding to sleep.

I called in for Hannah's help when my son who was almost 12 months was still not sleeping through the night, expecting a milk feed anywhere from 2am to 4am. Enough was enough! As I was never sure when he would wake up I was constantly on edge waiting for him to wake which meant very disruptive sleep.

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Sophie, Baby Teddy aged 7 months - feeding to sleep, repeated night waking, all naps in buggy or car.

Teddy had been co-sleeping with me from day one, feeding him to sleep was the only way to settle him and by seven months I was tearing my hair out as he was waking almost every hour!

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Roxanne, mummy to Mila aged 19 months - Repeated night waking, difficulty settling and milk to sleep.

'We are so pleased with your work and I can’t stop talking about you to everyone I know. You are the miracle woman! I am a new woman and sleeping again after 1.5 years!'

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Linsey Jacob aged 4 years - Difficalty settling, repeated night waking and co-sleeping.

I want to say a huge thank you for yesterday. I think you may have saved our sanity, and our marriage!

Becky, Baby Paige aged 13 months - Feeding to sleep, repeated night waking.

'Paige had never been a great sleeper and James and I found ourselves constantly comparing her to all our friends babies and wondering what we were doing wrong?

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Mary, Baby Eira aged 5 months - Continued repeated night waking,unable to settle without assistance, day sleeps always had to be on the move.

I really cannot recommend Hannah highly enough. My husband and I were completely exhausted after 5 months of very broken sleep - we didn’t think that our lovely (but fairly spirited! daughter Eira was anywhere close to sleeping through the night. Two days after Hannah’s night with us she did her first night of full sleep!

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Antonia, Freddie aged 3 years - needing mummy to sleep and repeated night waking.

Just a quick update - Freddie has gone through the night for over a week now - not quite making it to 6 but always waking after 5.30. We can't believe the change - oh and for the last 4 nights (2 with me and 2 with Daddy) no put backs when we put him to bed. We really are beginning to put him to bed, give him a kiss and walk out with the confidence that he will just stay there and go to sleep!

Lisa, Baby Amelia aged 11 months - Feeding to sleep, repeated night waking, all day sleeps in carrier.

Hannah was recommended to me by a Friend of a friend who had, had a good experience with Hannah sleep training her baby and what an amazing recommendation this was!! I don't really know where to start...

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Stacey, Baby Meadow aged 6 months - Feeding to sleep, repeated night waking, all day sleeps in carrier.

Hannah was recommended to us when our daughter was 6 months old.

Until she was 2 months old Meadow had slept as well as you could expect any newborn baby to but around this time she began to fight all day and night sleeps, staying awake for up to 8 hours at a time and impossible to settle.

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Lee, Baby Luke aged 8 months and Neve aged 3 years - Luke-repeated night time waking, early waking. Neve - excessive settling time and not remaining in her bed

I knew it was fate when I got chatting to Hannah at the gym and found out she was a sleep trainer. I was at my wits end with waking up every 2 or 3 hours with my 8month old baby,

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Caroline, Toddler Isla aged 2 years - Early morning waking

Hannah was certain from the start that Isla could sleep for longer in the morning, despite the fact that I was resigned to waking up with her at 4.30 every morning.

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James, Baby Sadie aged 6 months - Continual night time waking, difficulty settling

Recommendation is always the best way to be introduced to someone and we are so glad that Hannah was introduced to our family. From my wife’s initial dealings all the way through to the continued support we are receiving, Hannah has offered us practically a life changing experience as a parent!

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Cathy, Toddler Zac aged 2 years 3 months - Early morning waking


After over a year of early morning waking between 04:00 and 06:00 I had convinced myself that my son was never going to break the habit and that he only needed 10- 10.5 hours.

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Lucy, baby Alfie aged 4 months - Daytime sleep battles


I was lucky enough to have Hannah recommended to me when I was really struggling with my 4 month old. He had been such an easy newborn but had suddenly started to refuse to nap in the day, making every daytime sleep a battle and then only sleeping for 30 minutes at a time and had started waking in the night again.

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Kate, toddler Toby aged 23 months - Continual night time waking


I feel like I could write a whole essay on how wonderful your work is but I'll try to keep this short & sweet!

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Sarah and baby Phoebe, 6 months - Reflux, colic, dummy, night time waking, daytime sleep refusal

Hannah was recommended to me by an NCT friend as I was having problems with getting my daughter Phoebe to sleep at night which was having a massive impact on home life and making Phoebe a very cranky baby.

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Lisa, baby Scarlett aged 5 months - Daytime sleep issues, night time waking

We contacted Hannah when our 5 1/2 month old Scarlett began waking multiple times in the night and was proving difficult to settle for daytime naps. We had tried many things without great success and didn't know where to turn next.

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Sarah, baby Harrison 5 months and Bethany 4 years - Feeding to sleep, older sister and a cat

When I heard about the work that Hannah did through recommendation I couldn’t get in touch with her quickly enough. By this point my 5 month old baby was waking up to 8 times a night, he was still in our room and needing to feed to fall asleep each time. On top of this I had a 4 year old who couldn’t bear to hear her brother crying so would come and get into bed with us whenever she heard him wake and to top that off we had an anxious cat who would also join us!

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Ellen, baby Toby aged 10 months - Hours settling

When I got in touch with Hannah, the problems in getting my son to sleep were really starting to impact on his happiness and our family life. I would spend hours each evening trying to get him to sleep, so he wasn't getting enough sleep and I wasn't getting any down time in the evening.

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Cathy, baby Zac aged 9.5 months - Feeding to sleep, night time waking

Hannah my baby sleep training guru and luckily for me, close friend.

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Charlotte, baby Rudy 8 months - Continual night time waking

I was at the end of my tether when I contacted Hannah as I had a baby who woke four times a night at eight months and had to be fed back to sleep. Like most mums I’m sure, I thought my baby was the exception to the rule and couldn't be cured!

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Katie, baby Reuben 18 months - Reflux, hours settling and night time waking

I can’t think of anything easier to recommend. I cannot stress enough how much Hannah helped me.

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